Sound-Absorbing Window: The Soundproof Window with Ventilation

  • Silence, comfort and natural air circulation with a tilted window
  • No noise disturbance in interiors, yet enjoying fresh air
  • Custom-made to cater to the needs of your construction project
  • THE solution to keep the interior noise-levels below 30 dB(A) with a tilted window
  • No negative effects like perceived isolation or acoustic encapsulation
  • Natural circulation of the air while maintaining the habitual usage of a window
  • No additional costs for maintenance, electricity and no sound emission
  • Increased thermal insulation properties and increased burglary protection
  • Easy installation and also integration into existing buildings
  • Technical principle: absorption and re-direction of the sound

Sound reduction for tilted windows up to 48 dB

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Type 2-2:

Sound-Absorbing Window with 48 dB in Tilted Position

  • Four-segmented box-type window
  • Room-high
  • Sound insulation up to Rw:
    • 41-48 dB at tilted position
    • over 54dB at closed position
  • ca. 40-120 m³/h air circulation rate (10Pa)

Type 2-0:

Sound-Absorbing Window with 39 dB in Tilted Position

  • Two-segmented box-type window
  • Room-high
  • Sound insulation up to Rw:
    • 35-39 dB tilted
    • over 54 dB closed
  • ca. 70-120 m³/h air circulation rate (10Pa)

Type 1-1:

Sound-Absorbing Window with 35 dB in Tilted Position

  • Two-segmented box-type window
  • Room-high
  • Sound insulation up to Rw:
    • 36 dB tilted
    • Over 54 dB closed
  • Up to 70 m³/h air circulation rate (10Pa)

Further variations of tilted soundproof windows:

Our speciality: Verified and tested sound-absorbing windows, windows with baffle-screens, box-type windows and other special-constructions effectively reducing the interior noise level and thus improving the livability of urban dwellings

We are constantly working to further improve the technical performance of our sound-absorbing windows, in order to help ever more real estate owners, developers and construction companies to optimize their building projects.

In addition to this, we also produce and install conventional PVC and aluminum windows.

We are happy to advice you!

We own an in-depth know-how regarding all aspects of effective solutions for soundproof windows and their ventilation properties. We are happy to advice you.


  • We advice project developers already in the approval phase to make sure the ever-increasing requirements for sound insulation are being met and technically taken care of.
  • We give advice to architects, planners and construction companies in order to ensure that the projected sound insulation measures can be implemented, safely executed and approved

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme under the grant agreement no. 783717.